Employer Returns

It is a legislative requirement that employers give details to QLeave about their workers’ service and ordinary wages paid on a quarterly basis. This is done by completing an Employer Return, providing the following information for each eligible worker engaged during the return period:

  • full name
  • date of birth
  • residential address
  • QLeave membership number
  • date engagement period began/ended
  • total amount of ordinary wages paid (click here for more information on calculating ordinary wages).
The days worked and ordinary wages received are recorded against the worker's QLeave membership and counts towards their overall long service leave benefit.

The Employer Return is a list of all workers that QLeave has recorded as being employed by you or your company. You will need to add any of your eligible workers who do not appear on the return.

Please note: you do not need to include workers that performed less than five (5) days cleaning work for you during the quarter. All other eligible workers must be included on your return.

In addition to lodging an Employer Return, employers must pay QLeave a levy each quarter based on their workers' ordinary wages.
Employers can lodge their Employer Return and pay the QLeave levy each quarter online.

Online returns

Towards the end of each quarter ending September, December, March and June, QLeave will forward an electronic notification to registered employers to complete their return online by the due date (14 January, 14 April, 14 June and 14 October - each year).
Employers can complete their return online by logging into Employer Online Services to follow the 4 easy steps below.
  • Click here to log in to Employer Online Services and complete your return online.
  • Click here to access the guide to Online Employer Returns.

Employers who submit a return via spreadsheet can also complete their spreadsheet return online by logging into Employer Online Services to download the spreadsheet, complete required details and upload the completed spreadsheet to submit their return. Click here to access the guide to Online Spreadsheet Returns.

Paper forms
Employers who do not have an email address recorded with QLeave, will be mailed a paper form towards the end of each quarter ending September, December, March and June.
Click here to provide QLeave with your email address to commence completing returns online from the next quarter.

The paper return, which is identified by the employer registration number, comprises of three sections - A, B and C.

Section A contains pre-printed details of the workers engaged by employers as advised on previous returns (if QLeave does not have any record of workers Section A will not be forwarded).
Section B must be completed for any new eligible workers engaged during the quarter. Please note that all fields must be completed, including date of birth and address.
Section C is for the employer to record the total wages paid to workers listed in both Sections A and B and to calculate the 1% levy payable for the return period.

All sections of the return must be completed and forwarded to QLeave within 14 days after the end of each return period together with the levy payment calculated on 1% of workers' ordinary wages. Options for paying the levy are available by clicking here. Please note that penalties apply for late lodgement of the return and/or late payment of the levy. These penalties accrue each month the return and or payment are not submitted.

If no workers were engaged during the return period a ‘Nil Return’ (write zero dollars in Section C as the total wages earned) must be lodged. If an employer no longer engages workers, the employer must inform QLeave within 14 days.

An Employer Return Guide is available to help with completing the forms.

For further information or assistance, phone 1800 675 819 or email cci@qleave.qld.gov.au

Due dates

Due dates for submitting Employer Returns and paying the levy are:
  • 14 January
  • 14 April
  • 14 July
  • 14 October

A calendar of key dates is available for employers.


Last modified: March 2017