Long service leave claims

Please note, workers can not be paid by both QLeave and their employers for the same long service leave period.

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There are three types of claims that are available for registered workers who meet the criteria, including:

1. 10 year long service leave claim
  • this claim can be made after 10 years of service (3,650 service credits)
  • provides registered workers with 8.67 weeks of paid leave
  • a minimum of five days leave applies per claim unless it is the final claim for a worker

2. Permanently leaving the industry claim
  • can be made by workers who have permanently stopped working in the contract cleaning industry
  • workers must have accrued 2,555 service credits or more
  • please note – workers who make a permanently leaving the industry claim will have their membership cancelled. If the worker returns to the contract cleaning industry after making a leaving the industry claim they will have to start building service credits from zero.

3. Personal representative claim
  • an authorised representative may make a long service leave claim for a deceased worker (if one of the above entitlements exists)\

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Last modified: January 2018