Changes to the cost of work

As the levies are payable in advance, the initial payment may need to be based on an estimate.

If the cost decreases by $20,000 or more, or drops below $150,000, or the work does not commence and will not commence in the future, a partial or full refund may apply. Please complete the Levy refund application.

If the cost increases by $20,000 or more,additional levies are payable on the difference between the total final cost of work and the original amount notified to QLeave.

If the cost increases by $50,000 or more, the person for whom the work was done must notify QLeave of the total final cost within 30 days after the work ends and make the appropriate payment. Failure to do so may result in penalties being imposed.

Variations in cost of work increases must be notified directly to QLeave by email, fax, letter or Finalisation notification. Please be aware that time limitations apply.

Click here to open the Changes to the cost of work form. If you have any issues using this form, please click here for help.

Please note: additional levies are calculated at the current rate – being the rate that applies when QLeave is notified of the increased cost of work.

Last modified: June 2017