Missing Service

It is important that you check your annual Long Service Leave Statement (previously known as Notice of Service) carefully to make sure the work you have performed is recorded correctly. Any missing service could result in you missing out on a long service leave entitlement.

If you notice that service is missing from your QLeave records, please contact your employer/s and advise them to supply the amended details to QLeave.

If you are unable to contact the employer/s, you can complete a Request for Missing Service.

To complete the Request for Missing Service form, you will need:

  • your QLeave membership number
  • your name, date of birth and current address
  • the type of work you were performing
  • how you were engaged (for example, employee or labour only subcontractor)
  • who you were engaged by (name of employer)
  • how you were paid (for example, wages or invoice)
  • proof/documentary evidence of work performed (for example, payslips, PAYG statement or invoices)

Please note: Your membership can only be backdated two (2) financial years from your registration date.

Click here to complete a Request for Missing Service online.

This video will help you complete the Request for Missing Service online.

Click here to access the paper Request for Missing Service form and guide.

Last modified: February 2017