Worker Service Returns

It is a legislative requirement that employers give details to QLeave about their workers’ service at the end of each financial year. This is done by completing a Worker Service Return. The service is recorded against the worker's QLeave membership and counts towards their overall long service leave benefit. The return is a list of all workers that QLeave has recorded as being employed by you or your company. You will need to add any of your eligible workers who do not appear on this list.

Avoid penalties
Submission of the Worker Service Return by the due date is a legislative requirement. Failure to lodge the return may result in QLeave commencing prosecution action, without further notice to you.

Prosecution may result in conviction and a fine for each worker not included on your return, in addition to any costs incurred by QLeave in having to engage in legal action.

The due date to submit Worker Service Returns is 31 July. If your return is not submitted by the due date then compliance action will occur as follows:

  • Two weeks overdue - reminder sent to employers advising that the Worker Service Return has not been received and prosecution may be commenced.
  • Four weeks overdue - final reminder before legal action.

Click here to lodge your Worker Service Return online. A guide to completing your Worker Service Return is available at log in.

Working outside Queensland
If you employ workers who perform building and construction work in another state or territory, you will need to comply with the relevant long service requirements in each of those states and territories. Both you and your workers will need to register with each different scheme.

Although service cannot be transferred between schemes, service accrued in all schemes can be combined to qualify a worker for a long service leave benefit.

Please note, you cannot record work performed outside of Queensland with QLeave.


Last modified: July 2016