The Contract Cleaning Industry (Portable Long Service Leave) Act 2005 (the Act) provides for long service leave payments for workers in the Queensland contract cleaning industry, for service to the industry rather than 10 years service to one employer.

QLeave is a statutory authority administering the portable long service leave scheme for workers and employers in the contract cleaning industry in Queensland.

Who is an employer?
An employer in the contract cleaning industry is a person who engages on (1) or more workers to perform cleaning work for other people.

An employer does not include the Commonwealth, State or local Government, or a company whose only workers are directors of that company.

Employer obligations
Employers must register with QLeave and submit employer returns detailing the total of ordinary wages paid to workers during the return period. The time worked and wages received by each worker is recorded and results in service credits accruing towards a long service leave entitlement. Registered employers must also pay a levy based on the ordinary wages of their workers. The money collected is invested and the accumulated funds then pay the workers' long service leave claims.

A Long Service Leave Statement (previously known as a Notice of Service), listing periods of employment and wages earned, is provided to all registered workers once a year. Workers are advised to check their statements and contact their employer/s if any service is missing.

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Last modified: October 2017