It is important that the payer details entered on the Notification and Payment form are correct as refunds for cancellations and decreases in the cost of work are issued to the payer name provided.

Your written
Levy Refund Application must include:
1. The receipted copy of the Notification and Payment Form (the payer information copy kept by you) AND
2. (a) If a development application was lodged to a Local Council/Private Certifier, confirmation from the Local Council/Private Certifier that a development application has been cancelled; OR (b) If no development application was lodged, the Local Council/Private Certifiers receipted copy of the Notification and Payment Form.

Please provide EFT details for refund payments. Please note, cheques are only processed at the end of each month.

Duplicate payments
If QLeave is satisfied that more than one payment has been made and received on building and construction work, a refund will be issued for the duplicate payment.

Your application for a refund must be made in writing on the Levy Refund Application. If you have any issues using this form, please click here for help.

Last modified: October 2016