Long service leave is additional leave accrued by workers after extended periods of service with an employer. Across Australia, it is governed by state and territory legislation.

For people who work on different projects for various employers, it is often difficult to accrue this leave. This is the case for many workers in the building and construction industry.

During the last 40 years, Australian states and territories have passed legislation to provide building and construction workers with access to portable long service leave, regardless of whether they work on different projects for one or more employers.

These schemes and their associated funds are administered by an authority in each state or territory. A National Reciprocal Agreement has been entered into by every state/territory based scheme to also enable interstate construction work to count towards a worker's long service leave.


Ausleave provides centralised access to information about each state and territory's scheme. We believe that portable long service leave should be managed cooperatively to better service the Australian building and construction industry.

It is intended that as co-operation develops between the state and territory schemes on a national basis, this website will develop incrementally as a service particularly to companies and workers who work across state and territory borders in Australia.


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