Employer returns

Steps to submit your online spreadsheet return

Log in


  1. Go to the Employer log in page. Enter your QLeave employer number in the Employer registration number field. Your QLeave employer number starts with a capital “C” followed by the number “0” then
    four numbers (for example: C01234).
  2. Enter your password. Copy and paste from the email from QLeave to reduce errors, for example: Pr47Gbn3.
  3. Click Log in.
  4. If you cannot locate your password, click Forgotten your password? to receive a new password via email. If you do not receive the new password via email, contact QLeave 1800 675 819 or cci@qleave.qld.gov.au.
    Contract cleaning employer log in
Change password

After logging in you will be asked to change your password to one that is known only to you.

  1. Enter your current password into the Old Password section.
  2. In the New Password section, enter a new password that contains at least six characters, including at least
    one number and one letter.
  3. Click Save changes to return to the Home – My Returns page.Change password

Enter your return details

Select your return

  1. Prior to completing your return, please check your employer details displayed on the Home – My Returns page. Please advise any changes to cci@qleave.qld.gov.au 
  2. Click the arrow in Choose an option to select Download Spreadsheet Return.
  3. Click Select.

Employer spreadsheet return

Update your return

The spreadsheet will download into the Google Chrome ‘downloads’ folder.

  1. Select the downloads folder from the Google Chrome menu.
  2. Select the downloaded .xls file from the download list to open the spreadsheet in Excel.
  3. Select File then Save As to save the spreadsheet to your desktop. Please note: The spreadsheet may
    automatically open in excel without having to select it from the Downloads folder. If this happens follow step 3 to save the spreadsheet.

Download spreadsheet return Spreadsheet save as

Please save the spreadsheet in the following format: EmployerNumber_ current quarter (eg: C01234_2015-1.xls).

Using the spreadsheet

There are 2 work sheets in the excel file – Current Workers and New Workers.

  1. Complete wages and termination dates, if terminated, for current workers.
  2. Use the New Worker worksheet to complete details for workers who commenced during the quarter.

Spreadsheet return workbooks

When the data entered for all workers has been checked and is correct, select Save in Excel to save the changes.

Please note:

  • The Excel spreadsheet must be saved in .xls format. For assistance with saving your spreadsheet
    correctly, contact QLeave on 1800 675 819.
  • Data must be entered in all fields and be in the correct format for the upload to be successful.

Submit your spreadsheet return

Select your return

  1. Return to the Online Employer Return HOME - MY RETURNS page.
  2. Click the arrow in Choose an option to select Upload Spreadsheet Return.
  3. Click Select to upload your saved spreadsheet on the Upload Spreadsheet Return page.

Employer home my returns

Upload your return

  1. Click Browse to select the saved spreadsheet return from where you saved it on your computer (such as
    a folder on your desktop).
  2. When the spreadsheet return has been uploaded without errors, a confirmation message will appear to advise that your spreadsheet has been successfully uploaded.
  3. Click the View Return button to view a summary of your uploaded return.

Employer spreadsheet upload

When the spreadsheet return has been uploaded without errors, a confirmation message will appear to advise that your spreadsheet has been successfully uploaded.

Submit your return

  1. Click the Save Icon to save a copy of your uploaded return to your computer. Please note: You will not be able to save a copy after submitting your return.
  2. Click on the Submit Return button to submit your return.

Employer submit spreadsheet

More information

Spreadsheet errors - missing data

  1. If data is missing or incorrect you will get a warning that the return can't be uploaded.
  2. Select Download Errors to find errors in your spreadsheet.
  3. Errors will display in the last column on the right side of your spreadsheet. Once you have fixed the errors, select Save in Excel to re-save your spreadsheet to your computer, ready to upload again.
  4. Follow the Upload your return instructions above.

Spreadsheet errors - duplicate workers

If your return contains duplicate workers the Errors – Duplicate Worker Page will appear for you to update and remove the duplicate workers.

  1. Click Complete return from the left margin to return to the Update Return page and continue to submit your return.

Employers duplicate workers

Pay your levy


  1. Select the Save icon if you wish to save a copy of the Levy summary to your computer.
  2. Click Pay by credit card to pay using a credit card via the secure Commbank website OR
  3. Use the reference details provided to pay by BPay.

Pay levy

A receipt, that can be saved or printed, will be issued for credit card payments.