Support for workers affected by COVID-19 

Queensland Parliament has passed temporary amendments to the Contract Cleaning Industry (Portable Long Service Leave) Act 2005 to allow workers experiencing financial hardship, as a result of COVID-19, early access to their long service entitlements.

Who can apply?

You can apply for payment of all or part of your long service entitlement if:

  • you are registered with QLeave and have accrued a minimum of 1,825 days of industry service
  • you have experienced, or are experiencing, financial hardship because of the COVID-19 emergency.

Do I qualify for a financial hardship payment from QLeave?

To qualify for a financial hardship long service payment, you must meet one or more of the following requirements:

  • you or another person under your care, has suffered, or suffers, from COVID-19
  • you have been, or are, subject to a quarantine direction
  • your place of employment has been, or is, closed, or the trade or business conducted by your employer is restricted, because of a public health direction. For example, a public health direction has closed a major supplier or customer of your employer
  • you have been, or are, currently stood down or unemployed because of the COVID-19 emergency
  • you have been, or are, currently self-isolating because you fall within a high-risk group. You are at risk as a vulnerable person, live with a vulnerable person or are the primary carer for a vulnerable person
  • a restriction on travel, imposed under a public health direction or other law, prevents you from working
  • the COVID-19 emergency prevents you from returning to Australia.

What can I access?

Registered workers who have recorded at least five years of service with QLeave can apply to access:

  • 4.335 weeks of paid long service entitlements after 1,825 days of service to the industry
  • for each day of service accrued over 1,825 days of service, additional entitlements will be calculated on a pro-rata basis.

How do I apply?

To apply for a financial hardship long service payment please complete the COVID-19 emergency financial hardship payment form.

You’ll need to supply the following documentation:

  • photo identification – e.g. driver’s licence or passport and
  • your most recent payslip and
  • a copy of your bank statement to verify your payment details and
  • a letter from your employer or a statutory declaration with your claim advising how you have been affected.

Important information

You should consider your circumstances before claiming early access to your long service entitlements. You are encouraged to seek independent financial advice regarding tax obligations arising from accessing long service entitlements under the financial hardship provisions.

The financial hardship claim to early long service leave entitlements is a payment, therefore public holidays will not be paid.

These temporary amendments to the Contract Cleaning Industry (Portable Long Service Leave) Act 2005 will expire on 31 December 2020.

We are working hard to support our customers during the COVID-19 coronavirus situation. With these amendments, registered workers may be seeking access to long service leave entitlements earlier than expected. Therefore, we may see an increase in customers contacting QLeave; we ask for your patience during this time.