Queensland Parliament has passed temporary amendments to the Building and Construction Industry (Portable Long Service Leave Act) 1991 and the Contract Cleaning Industry (Portable Long Service Leave) Act 2005. These amendments allow registered workers, with at least five years service, to temporarily apply for payment of all, or part, of their long service leave entitlement if they are experiencing financial hardship due to the COVID-19 emergency.  To claim a financial hardship payment you will need to meet the criteria listed here if you work in the building and construction industry or here if you work in the contract cleaning industry.

Please seek independent financial advice regarding your taxation obligations before accessing portable long service leave entitlements early due to financial hardship.

To complete this form you will need to supply the following documentation:

  • photo identification – e.g. driver’s licence or passport and
  • your most recent payslip (based on the most recent service recorded with QLeave) and
  • a letter from your employer or a statutory declaration with your claim advising how you have experienced, or are experiencing, financial hardship because of the COVID-19 emergency.

Your details
Please select your work type
Claim details
Minimum of 5 days

Payment details

Please attach your most recent payslip (based on the most recent service recorded with QLeave) showing your hourly rate of pay
Are you claiming the tax free threshold? *
I declare that: * All information provided by me on this form is true and correct and I have not been paid for part/all of this claim by my employer.
I have attached a copy of my photo identification and a copy of all required documentation for this claim.
If attaching your driver's licence, please include a copy of both sides of the licence card.