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Officer and Call Details
Evaluation Details
Greeting * Did the agent use the appropriate examples for the required 3 point greeting?
Privacy * Did the agent confirm the required points of identification to confirm they are speaking to the correct person before providing any specific information about the caller membership?
Data Integrity * Did the agent confirm and update where necessary all other contact information?
Investigation * Did the agent use investigate thoroughly using appropriate questioning, knowledge base and previous correspondence history (Connext, HPE CM)?
First Call Resolution * Did the agent present appropriate and complete solution or options applicable to the caller’s needs?
Conclusion * Did the agent verify understanding of offered solution and offer additional assistance?
Record Keeping * Did the agent make an accurate record of the interaction as required?
Communication * Did the agent show willingness to assist by using appropriate vocal tone, positive language, verbal cues (where necessary) and paraphrasing?
Call Control * Did the agent manage the call in the most efficient manner by using call control and call hold protocols where appropriate?
Code of Conduct * Did the agent conduct the call in line with the QLD Government’s Code of conduct (impartiality and objectivity, respect fairness and consultative communication?