The building and construction industry portable long service leave levy has changed as of 1 July 2020.

Since 1992, the QLeave levy has paid 163,000 building and construction workers over $1 billion in long service leave entitlements.

Public consultation, which started in May 2019, sought feedback on a levy increase leading to the Queensland Parliament passing changes in early March to the portable long service leave levy.

To maintain the long term sustainability of the scheme, the QLeave levy has increased as of 1 July 2020.

What is the new levy rate?

  • Portable long service leave levy - now 0.35%
  • Work health and safety levy - 0.125%
  • Construction Skills Queensland levy - 0.1%
  • Total levies from 1 July 2020 - 0.575% of the total cost of work

Is anything else changing?

The tiered levy rate for building and construction work over $1.169 billion has also been removed. The single levy rate of 0.575% now applies to all projects in Queensland where the total cost of work is $150,000 or more (excluding GST).

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