Step 1 of 4 - Your Details
Do you have a different mailing address?
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- Complete this if the contact person differs from the applicant
- Complete this if the contact person has a different phone number to the applicant
- If you are not the original levy payer, please attach a letter from the levy payer approving this refund application
Step 2 of 4 - Building & Construction Work
Step 3 of 4 - Your Bank Details
- Please provide your bank details to facilitate EFT payment. If not provided, payment will be delayed until we generate a cheque after our end of month processing
Step 4 of 4 - Reason for Refund Request
Why are you applying for a refund? * (Please select ONE option only)
- If you have lodged a building/development application a copy of the letter received from council/certifier confirming the cancellation of your application.
Please note, a Form 22 is not sufficient evidence to satisfy that the building and construction work is not to be carried out.
Enter whole numbers only
Enter whole numbers only
- If you have not lodged a building/development application, please upload a Statutory Declaration confirming that no building and construction work will be performed at the stated address on behalf of the owners at this time.
(The following documentation must be uploaded or the refund may be delayed. At least one of: final progress certificate, amended contract, a relevant invoice,or the certificate of completion)
- Please describe the reason of the claim
- The following documentation must be attached or the refund may be delayed. Please attach copies, or provide Notification and Payment Form numbers in respect of duplicate payment
- Upload any documents that will support your refund request