Claim back long service leave payments

Paying long service leave under the Industrial Relations Act 2016

The portable long service leave scheme doesn't replace your obligation to pay long service leave to your workers under the Industrial Relations Act 2016.  If you pay long service leave to a worker who has been employed with you for 10 or more continuous years, you may be able to claim reimbursement for some, or all, of the payment you make to the worker.

What you need to know

You must lodge your claim for reimbursement to QLeave within three months of the day you paid long service leave to the worker. We'll calculate the payment in accordance with the legislation and base it on the wages you've declared for the individual worker.

To ensure you receive the maximum amount reimbursed, you need to include an employer return detailing service in the most recent quarter and the levy payment for the worker up to the date of leave, especially if the worker is retiring or resigning from the company.

How to claim reimbursement for long service leave paid to a worker

You can apply for reimbursement by completing the reimbursement request form in the QLeave employer portal. To complete the form, click here to log in. Once you've logged in, click 'I want to' on the left-hand menu and select request reimbursement from the options provided in the drop-down.

Alternatively, you can complete an employer claim form and return it to Please contact us if you would like a hard copy posted to you.

For us to process your reimbursement claim, you need to provide proof that you made the long service leave payment to the worker. Please include a copy of the pay-slip indicating long service leave paid, or an extract from the payroll system confirming payment when you submit your claim form.

Contact us if you need help completing the form.