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Crediting service

How is my service credited?
Your employer provides QLeave with a return each quarter detailing your earnings and either confirming your continued engagement in the industry or your start and/or finish dates. You'll be credited with one days' service for each day in the return period if you perform eligible work for at least five days during the quarter, even if you didn't work on a particular day.

For example -

1. If a return period is 92 days in length and you only perform cleaning work one day per week during the 92 day period, you'll be credited with 92 days service for the return period, even though you only performed cleaning work on 13 of the days.

2. If there are four return periods during your engagement period and you only perform cleaning work during three of them, you'll be credited with service for the total number of days in each of the three return periods during which you performed cleaning work.

If however, you stop working in the cleaning industry (even for only a few days of the return period), you'll be credited for only those days you were actually employed. For example, if you stop working for an employer on a Monday and are not engaged by another employer until the following Thursday, you won't be credited for the Tuesday and Wednesday.

You can't be credited for any time you aren't engaged in the contract cleaning industry, even if you work on most days in a return period.

Retrospective service

The application of Retrospective Service Credits was introduced as a transitional arrangement on commencement of the Scheme on 1 July 2005.

The last date on which submission of retrospective service credit applications could be lodged and assessed by QLeave was 30 June 2007. The legislation allowed workers who had worked in the contract cleaning industry in Queensland for any part of the five (5) year period prior to the scheme starting on 1 July 2005 and were eligible for registration in the Scheme, to apply for retrospective service credits. This could have given them service credits for up to five (5) year's work. This meant they would have qualified for their long service leave entitlements earlier than had they started accruing credits only after 1 July 2005.

Retrospective service was recognised up to a maximum of five (5) years only where workers had no existing entitlement to long service leave from their employer under the Industrial Relations Act 2016Workers needed to provide evidence of work in the contract cleaning industry and of their ordinary wages earned.