Claiming long service leave

Types of claims

There are two types of claims that are available for registered workers who meet the criteria.

Are you taking a break?

You need to make a long service leave claim.

  • this claim can be made when you have seven years of service recorded with QLeave (2,555 service credits)
  • provides you with 6.1 weeks of paid leave
  • you must not be working during the claim period
  • a minimum of five days leave applies per claim unless it is your final claim

Are you making a claim on behalf of someone else?

You need to make a personal representative claim.

  • if one of the above entitlements exists, an authorised representative may make a long service leave claim for a deceased worker

When can you claim?

When you have seven years (2,555 credits) of service recorded with QLeave, you’re entitled to 6.1 weeks of long service leave paid by us. The community services industry scheme was established in January 2021, so the earliest you'll be able to claim from QLeave is January 2028.

QLeave does not replace your employer's obligation to pay long service leave. If you reach an entitlement with your employer before you reach an entitlement with QLeave, you can claim from them directly.

Please note: Workers cannot be paid by both QLeave and their employer for the same long service leave period.