Steps to submit your employer claim

This guide shows you how to claim reimbursement for long service leave you've paid to a worker on the online portal.

What you need to submit your claim

    For us to process your reimbursement claim, you need to provide proof that you made the long service leave payment to the worker.

    You will need:

  • Worker’s membership ID number
  • Supporting document/s type: please include a copy of the pay-slip indicating long service leave paid, or an extract from the payroll system confirming payment when you submit your claim form.

Log in

1. Go to the Employer Portal.

2. When logging into the new portal for the first time you must reset your password.

Select Forgot password? to receive an email with a password update link. Follow the prompts in the email to reset your password.

Employer log in

Please note: if you're the primary contact for the organisation, you will receive an email from us when returns become available. If you'd like another contact within your organisation to have access to the portal so they can complete returns, you will need to enable their portal access. Click here for instructions.

3. Once you’ve logged in to the portal with your new password, you will see your Dashboard on the screen. Your Dashboard tab at the top gives you a snapshot of your account information and tasks including pending returns, outstanding invoices, reports and contact details.

Employer portal dashboard

Submitting your claim via Portal

1. Once signed into the employer portal, click on the workers link on the left hand side of the page.

Screenshot of worker tab in employer portal

2. Click on the worker’s membership ID number to the right of the worker’s name.Screenshot of members ID number

3. Click the benefits tab below the worker’s name.

Screenshot of benefits tab

4. You will then be able to continue with the reimbursement claim by clicking the request reimbursement button.

Screenshot of Request Reimbursement

5. From there you will be able to enter the relevant information for workers including the start and end dates for the leave taken.

Screenshot of application of paid claim

6. If your employee has ceased working with the company, please ensure to select no from the dropdown menu as pictured. The fields below will then automatically change and allow you to enter details such as the last working day of the worker.

Screenshot of dropdown menu

7. Enter the payment information for the claim reimbursement.

Screenshot of payment information

8. Select your supporting document/s type from the drop down menu, such as a payslip. Once you have selected the document type, click on the browse button to choose which file you wish to upload, then click on the upload button when you are ready to upload your document.

Screenshot of supporting documents

9. Once your supporting documents have finished uploading, please click the declaration box, followed by the submit button.

Screenshot of terms and conditions