Paying the levy

How to pay

The following options are available for notification of building and construction work.


The easiest way to notify and pay is by completing the Levy Payment form online.

Please note: to complete the online form you'll need to use one of the following supported browsers.

Internet ExplorerV11 and above
ChromeV33 and above
FirefoxV34 and above
Safari V8 and above

Watch this video for a step-by-step guide on completing the Levy payment form.

A video guide to notifying and paying the levy online

Directly to QLeave - spreadsheet notification

Notification and levy payment forms are available from QLeave and can be lodged at our office or by mail.

Notification and levy payment can be completed via spreadsheet, for customers with 10 or more building and construction works to notify.

If you're interested in notifying via spreadsheet, please email

QLeave will send you a return email containing:

  • the spreadsheet to be used to notify building and construction work
  • guidelines for using the spreadsheet
  • a cover sheet to be emailed with your completed spreadsheet which gives details of payment options, including EFT and cheque.

Levy numbers will be assigned to you on the spreadsheet and will run consecutively.

QLeave requires levy payment within two days of spreadsheet submission. Please note: we don't issue invoices for spreadsheet notification.

Following payment, you'll receive confirmation of notification and payment which your Private Certifier may require.