Employer obligations

Book keeping requirements

QLeave Compliance Officers are authorised to perform inspections of employer's books and records, to check compliance with their obligations.

You must keep books and records for six years after the last entry was made in the book or record which include:

  • worker’s full name, address and date of birth
  • worker’s QLeave registration number
  • type of work performed
  • periods, and proportions of the periods, during which the worker performed the eligible work
  • any award details for each worker (where applicable)

Time and wage records, such as time sheets, that show the hours of work should be maintained for all workers, including working directors and labour-only subcontractors. These will also need to be produced for a books and records inspection.

QLeave Compliance Officers have an identification card. On seeking admission to your premises, where production of records is required, they will produce their identification card.