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Annual Long Service Leave Statement

We provide a long service leave statement to all registered workers.

The statement shows:

  1. your work recorded for the previous financial year
  2. the number of service credits you have earned toward your long service leave entitlement.

You can accrue a maximum of 220 days (service credits) per financial year. One service credit equals one day worked.

How to read your statement

It's important that you check your statement carefully to make sure your work is recorded correctly. Please read the information below for help understanding your long service leave statement.

Image of 2022-23 long service leave statement, including numbers corresponding with guidance provided on this page1. Employer - Period - Service days recorded
These columns list the employers who recorded service for you, the period you worked, and the number of days worked for them between 1 July 2022 and 30 June 2023.
Please remember, this section only shows service recorded for you in the 2022-23 financial year. You can view all the service that has been recorded for you since you joined QLeave by logging in to online services.

2. Service days recorded this financial year
This is the total number of service days you recorded in Queensland during the financial year. You can accrue a maximum of 220 service days each year, so even if you worked for more than 220 days for multiple employers, the total service days displayed here will be 220.

3. Total service days recorded since joining QLeave
This is the total number of service days you've recorded in Queensland since joining QLeave. You need to record at least 2,200 service days to make a 10-year long service leave claim.

4. Long service leave available to you
This is the number of long service leave days you had available to claim at the end of the financial year. The total shown here will be '0 days' until you reach either a leaving the industry entitlement (1,155 service days and at least seven years in the scheme) or a 10-year long service leave entitlement (2,200 service days).
Please note, claims paid since 30 June 2023 have not been deducted from this balance.

What if service is missing from your statement?

It's your employer's responsibility to record service for you each year. If you receive your statement and some, or all, of your work performed last financial year is missing, please speak to your employer to have them add this service for you. Failing this, you can also lodge a complaint with QLeave. Find out what you need to do.

Checking your service record online

You can see all the work that has been recorded for you since joining QLeave by logging in to QLeave online services.

To find out how to view your online service record, please read the guide.

How to make a claim

Once you’ve recorded enough service to take long service leave, you can claim online. Making a claim is not compulsory, so if you’re still working in the industry you can continue growing your entitlement and make a claim in the future.

If you've permanently stopped working in the industry, and have recorded at least 1,155 service days and seven years in the scheme, you may be able to make a leaving the industry claim.

More information on long service leave claims is available here.