Claim long service leave

How to make a claim

You can claim your long service leave entitlement online.  You’ll need the following information available to make a claim:

  • your QLeave registration number
  • the type of claim you wish to make (taking leave, leaving the industry or personal representative)
  • the type of work you currently perform
  • the name of your current or last employer
  • your tax file number and bank account details (claims are paid by electronic funds transfer)
  • your ABN and the ABN of the company you are invoicing (if you're a labour-only subcontractor)
  • proof of rate of pay from the employer who last recorded service for you (see the step-by-step guide for a list of accepted supporting documents for PAYG employees, labour-only subcontractors and working directors)
  • a copy of your photo ID (for example, your driver licence or passport)
  • your service updated by your employer and your reason for leaving the industry (if you're making a leaving the industry claim)

Please note: you must provide the correct supporting documentation when you lodge your long service leave claim. If you don't provide the necessary documentation, we won't progress your claim and you'll need to submit a new one.

For help making a claim online, please read our step-by-step guide. This guide includes a list of the supporting documentation you must provide with your claim.

Can I claim using a paper form?

If you can't claim online, please contact us to request a paper claim form. Please be aware that it takes longer for claims made using a paper form to be processed.