Employer obligations

1. Register

If you’re an employer in the contract cleaning industry in Queensland and you engage one or more persons to perform cleaning work, you must register with QLeave. (Exceptions are Commonwealth, State and Local Government.)

Click here to register with QLeave. 

If you’re a bookkeeper or accountant, click here to view our guide explaining how the Scheme works, including information on employer returns and levy payment.

Please note: Registration is compulsory, and penalties may be imposed if you fail to register. You must register within 7 days of becoming an employer in the contract cleaning industry.

2. Inform us of your workers' service each quarter

It’s a legislative requirement that employers give details to QLeave about their workers' service each quarter. You can do this by completing an employer return.

Click here to view more information on the quarterly employer return process.

3. Pay a quarterly levy based on your workers' ordinary wages

You’re required to pay a levy each quarter based on the ordinary wages of your workers as reported on your employer return. The current levy rate is 0.75% of workers' ordinary wages.

Payment options include credit card, BPay and EFT.

Click here to view more information on paying the Levy to QLeave.

4. Books and records

QLeave conducts random inspections of registered employers' books and records to check compliance with their obligations.

Click here to view more information on book and record keeping requirements.

5. Long service leave claims

Workers, who are employed by the same employer for ten or more continuous years, may be entitled to long service leave paid by the employer under the Industrial Relations Act 2016.

If you pay long service leave to a worker under the Industrial Relations Act 2016, you may claim reimbursement from QLeave for some, or all, of the payment made to the worker.

Click here to find out more about claiming reimbursement for long service leave you have paid to a worker.

6. Keep your contact details up-to-date

Make sure you contact QLeave if you change your address or contact details.