Frequently asked questions

About the Scheme

What is QLeave?

The community services industry experiences high rates of insecure employment and employee mobility. This means workers often struggle to reach a long service leave entitlement and miss out on taking a well-earned break.

To address this, the Community Services Industry (Portable Long Service Leave) Act 2020 has been introduced. It provides a fair and efficient system of long service leave payments for workers in the Queensland community services industry.

QLeave is the statutory authority administering the portable long service leave scheme for workers and employers in the community services industry in Queensland.

How does it work?

As an employer, you must register with QLeave and submit quarterly employer returns. These returns detail the total of ordinary wages paid to your workers during the return period.

We record the time worked and wages received by each worker. This results in service credits accruing towards a worker’s long service leave entitlement. Workers can check their service record online at any time. If any service is missing, workers should contact their employer/s.

You’re an employer in the Queensland community services industry if:

  • your organisation is established or has a purpose to provide community services
  • you are an individual who is self-employed and provides community services (registration optional)
  • you provide labour hire services that supplies an organisation with an individual to engage in community services work
  • you are an entity prescribed by regulation to be an employer.

(An employer does not include the Commonwealth, State or Local Government.)

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How much does it cost?

There is no fee to register with QLeave. However, registered employers pay a levy based on the ordinary wages of their workers. The levy collected is invested, and the accumulated funds are used to pay the workers’ long service leave claims.

Over-award payments, weekend and public holiday penalty rates (when worked as ordinary hours), most allowances, sick leave and annual leave are included in the definition of ‘ordinary wages’. Employers do not need to pay a levy on termination pay or leave loading.

How is the levy rate determined?

The levy rate will commence at 1.35% of ordinary wages.

This rate is determined by an actuary who undertakes an investigation using a specific formulae. This is based on an industry study that includes identification of the number of employers, the number of workers, ordinary wages, how many workers might be eligible to claim a long service leave entitlement and other factors.

An Actuary is appointed by the Board at least every two years to investigate the adequacy of the levy rate. After the Board receives the Actuary’s report, it makes a recommendation to the Minister. The Queensland Government then determines a suitable levy rate based on the Board’s recommendations.

Who & what is covered

Who is eligible?

Workers in Queensland’s community services industry who:

  • perform community services work, or
  • support the provision of community services (for example, administrative and/or executive staff).

This includes workers who:

  • are engaged as a full-time, part-time or casual employee
  • are engaged under a contract for service, including labour hire workers
  • operate as a sole trader
  • work for both for-profit and not-for-profit organisations.

Employer obligations

How do I register my workers?

Employers can pre-register online before the scheme commences. You will be able to register your workers online after the scheme commences, when completing your quarterly returns.

How do I pay the levy and report my workers service?

Employers are required to complete an online quarterly return providing details of their workers’ service and wages in October, January, April and July each year. The return is a list of all eligible workers recorded by QLeave as being employed by your company. The time worked and wages received are then recorded against the worker’s QLeave membership and counts towards their long service leave benefit.

The quarterly return is submitted online. Once the return is submitted an invoice will be raised based on the details provided.

You can make your payment in the following ways:

  • Online with a credit card
  • BPay
  • EFT

Information about how to calculate, pay the levy and submit your employer return can be found on the QLeave website at

My current employees don’t expect to stay in the industry for an extended period so won’t accrue a long service leave entitlement. Do I have to register them with QLeave?

Yes. Employers are required to pay the 1.35% levy on their workers’ ordinary wages even if those workers believe they may not stay in the industry long enough to benefit. Because of the portability of the scheme, members can have breaks from working in the industry of up to four years, without having their membership cancelled.

Do I get the levy payments back if a worker moves to another employer or permanently leaves the industry?

No. The purpose of the scheme is that it enables workers to change employers without losing their long service leave entitlements. QLeave holds and invests the collected levies so they are able to be paid to workers when they have accrued a long service leave benefit.

Claim back long service leave payments

Can I claim back long service leave payments that I made to my worker?

Yes. You may request reimbursement from QLeave for long service leave you have paid to your worker.

We calculate the payment in accordance with the legislation and base it on the wages you’ve declared for the worker. You must make an application for reimbursement within three months of the date you paid leave to the worker.

What personal details will QLeave keep about a worker?

Under the Community Services Industry (Portable Long Service Leave) Act 2020, we must keep a record of:

  • the worker’s name, date of birth, address, mobile phone number and email address
  • their employer’s details
  • the number of days they have worked
  • the total ordinary wages they have been paid
  • the date they were registered with the scheme
  • their long service leave entitlement.

What information will QLeave keep about an employer?

Under the Community Services Industry (Portable Long Service Leave) Act 2020, we must keep a record of:

  • an organisation’s name, trading name and ABN
  • an organisation’s address and principal place of business
  • an address of a registered office and CAN
  • any name under which the organisation has been operating in the community services industry
  • any location the organisation has been operating in the community services industry.