Paying the levy

Employers must pay a levy to QLeave each quarter in addition to completing an employer return.

We calculate the levy based on 1.35% of workers' ordinary wages paid during the return period. Click here to find out more about calculating ordinary wages.

After submitting your employer return, QLeave will send you an invoice for the levy due. You must pay the levy (and submit an employer return) to QLeave within 14 days after the end of each quarter.

Levy payments and employer returns are due:

  • 14 January
  • 14 April
  • 14 July
  • 14 October

QLeave issues levy invoices with the due date of 14 July 2021. This aligns with the legislation that requires the return to be submitted and the levy paid within 14 days after the end of the return period (1 April 2021 – 30 June 2021).

While the scheme is still new and we are developing our systems, we are offering more flexible payment terms to support employers' transition to portable long service leave.

If you need an extension for submitting your return or paying the levy please contact

Payment options

Your levy can be paid using a credit card or EFT.

Credit card: click here to pay online using your credit card

BPay: Access your online banking. Use the biller code and reference shown on the bottom of your tax invoice.

EFT: log in to your online banking to transfer your payment to QLeave. In the reference section, please enter your invoice number and employer number to make sure we correctly credit the payment to your registration,

Details of how to pay the levy will also be included on your invoice.