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Can I join QLeave?

Who is eligible?

Individuals who perform work in Queensland's building and construction industry, for the majority of their ordinary hours, and are engaged:

  • as a trainee or apprentice
  • as a casual, part-time or full-time employee
  • as a sole trader subcontractor (other additional criteria may apply)
  • to perform both work and the supervision of other individuals performing building and construction work
  • by a labour-hire company.

If you believe you're eligible, you can click here to join QLeave online, or contact us to have a registration form posted to you. You may also be registered when your employer submits a Worker Service Return at the end of the financial year.

Who is not eligible?

  • individuals who are paid to achieve a stated result or outcome and:
    • supply all, or substantially all, of the plant and equipment or tools of trade needed to perform the work and:
    • are, or would be, liable for the cost of fixing a fault with the work performed
  • sole traders working direct to the public
  • people operating as a partner in a partnership
  • federal, state and local government workers*
  • individuals performing work in a managerial, clerical, professional, or ancillary capacity
  • employees of Mt Isa Mines
  • individuals engaged to perform building and construction work by an employer not substantially engaged in the building and construction industry
  • individuals for whom a personal services business determination is in effect for the individual performing the work under the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997 (Cwlth), Section 87-60
  • individuals appointed as safety officers from 1 January 2012 (due to changes in the Work Health and Safety Act 2011), provided they don't perform building and construction work.

*Local and state government apprentices and trainees in the building and construction industry may be able to record service with QLeave while completing their apprenticeship or traineeship.