Missing work history

It’s important that you check your annual long service leave statement carefully to make sure all the work you've performed has been recorded correctly. If you’re missing service, you may miss out on a long service leave entitlement.

Your employer has a responsibility under legislation to report your service to QLeave at the end of each quarter. If you notice any service missing from your record, you need to ask your employer to add it for you. In general, contacting your employer will be the fastest way to have your service updated.

How can my employer update my service?

Your employer can login to the online portal to add your missing service. There are instructions available here that they can use to submit an outstanding return. If your employer was not registered with us at the time of your missing service, they can submit a retrospective return.

Alternatively, your employer can contact us for help updating your service.

What if my employer refuses to add my service?

If your employer refuses to update your service, you can also lodge a complaint with QLeave. We will follow up complaints and take appropriate compliance action where necessary.

Only lodge a complaint if you cannot contact your employer or they refuse to update your service. Processing a missing service complaint will involve a longer wait time as we may need to contact your employer to confirm the details of your service.

You can lodge a complaint through the worker portal. To lodge a complaint, go to the ‘I want to’ menu on the left of the homepage, then choose ‘Lodge a complaint about my employer’.

A screenshot of the worker portal. It shows the 'I want to' menu and the 'Lodge a complaint about my employer' option.

When you submit your complaint, you’ll need to provide copies of your income tax returns for the period of time with missing service.