Frequently asked questions

About the Scheme

What is QLeave?

QLeave provides a fair and efficient system of long service leave to workers in Queensland’s building and construction industry. With QLeave, workers are entitled to long service leave payments regardless of whether they work on different projects for one or more employers. Find out more about how portable long service works.

Why can’t my admin or professional staff be registered with QLeave? Technically they’re still in the industry because they’re employed by a building and construction company.

Only workers performing building and construction work are eligible to receive long service leave payments through QLeave. We can only register people who regularly work on the tools. Read more about who and what is covered under the Scheme.

How do I register?

You can register as an employer online or by completing the employer registration form.

About your employer obligations

Are we considered a liable employer?

If you work in the building and construction industry and employ eligible workers, you must register with QLeave. If you're a sole trader or a member of a partnership and you employ workers on wages to do building and construction work, you're also liable.

When do I record service for my employees?

At the end of each financial year, you’ll record service for your workers by completing a Worker Service Return. We’ll remind you in June that your return is due by 31 July. Find out more about submitting a Worker Service Return.

Do I also have to lodge service for all the sub-contractors that I put on throughout the year or is that their responsibility?

You need to lodge service for all eligible workers, including sole trader subcontractors providing substantially labour only service and workers who are engaged by a labour hire company.

You don't need to lodge service for subcontractors who provide principal materials (such as carpenter-timber or bricklayer-bricks) or significant plant (such as a bobcat) as part of the contract. You'll find more information on who is eligible for QLeave here.

If you're a sole trader and employ workers on wages to do building and construction work, you must register your business with QLeave online or by completing the employer registration form. Once registered, you can submit a Worker Service Return.

Does a worker claim through QLeave or their employer?

If they're employed by the same employer for ten or more continuous years, they're entitled to claim through either their employer or QLeave. If they claim through their employer, we may reimburse the employer for some, or all, of the long service leave payment.

If they've worked for different employers, they need to make their claim for long service through QLeave.

How do I claim back long service leave payments that I made to a worker?

You can claim reimbursement online or by completing the employer claim form.

About online services

What can I do online?

We're currently updating our online services for employers and some self-service options are unavailable.

What you can do now:

  • register as an employer
  • reset your password
  • request access to act on behalf of an employer
  • update your details
  • claim reimbursement for long service leave you've paid to a worker

More options coming soon:

  • add an authorised contact to your registration
  • worker service returns
  • add missing service for a worker
  • start or end a worker
  • cancel your QLeave registration
  • request reconsideration of a decision

If you need to do something that you can't do online now, please contact us and we'll help you do it.

How do I complete the annual Worker Service Return?

It's simple. Just log in to online services and fill in the form before 31 July. We'll email you in June when returns for this financial year are ready to complete.

I’m a sole trader, how do I add service to my membership?

If you're employed as a sole trader by a building and construction company to perform substantially labour only work, your employer must submit this service with QLeave.

Why does my workers’ service not show up on their statement when I’ve been online and completed my Worker Service Return?

If you've completed your Worker Service Return but haven't submitted it, your workers' service won't show up on their statement. You may need to check that the return has been submitted.