Steps to your online claim

What you'll need before you claim

What you'll need before you claim for all claim types

  1. Your tax file number
  2. Your ABN (if you are a labour-only subcontractor)
  3. Your service updated by your employer (if you are lodging a leaving the industry claim)
  4. Proof of rate of pay from the employer who last recorded service on your QLeave membership. (See examples below.)

Please make sure you provide the correct supporting documentation needed for us to process your claim. If you don't provide the correct supporting documentation, it may take longer for your claim to be paid.

Proof of rate of pay for PAYG employees is:

  • a payslip or
  • a letter from your employer (on company letterhead) stating your ordinary working hours, hourly rate,
    allowances (specified separately) and type of work performed.

Proof of rate of pay for labour-only subcontractors is:

  • a tax invoice that shows your hourly rate of pay or
  • your most recent tax invoices for a period of three months, if paid on a piecework rate or
  • a letter from your employer (on company letterhead stating your ordinary working hours, hourly rate, allowances (specified separately) and type of work performed.

Proof of rate of pay for working directors is:

  • a copy of your income tax return for the two most recent financial years.

Additional evidence required for leaving the industry claims

Reason for leaving the industry:

  1. Approved early retirement scheme - proof of your employer-devised early retirement scheme approved by the Commissioner of Taxation.
  2. Genuine redundancy - a copy of your separation certificate citing redundancy as the reason for ending your employment.
  3. Invalidity -  certification from two qualified medical practitioners stating physical or mental incapacity  has stopped you from continuing in the industry, forcing you to leave your employment early (before age 65).
  4. Standard (where none of the above apply) - no additional proof required.

Please note: we may require more documentation, that is not listed above, to process your claim. We'll contact you if we need more information.

Information for your claim

Important note regarding claim payments

Long service leave payments are made when the claim is approved. If your leave start date is more than 14 days from the lodgement date of this claim, your payment will be made 10 days prior to your leave start date.

Please be aware that due to a high volume of long service leave claims, it's currently taking longer than usual for claims to be processed and paid. We appreciate your patience and understanding. To ensure your claim is paid as soon as possible, please make sure you provide the necessary supporting documentation.

Maximum wage

A maximum wage rate applies. Find the current rate here.

Claim types
Taking Leave
  • You must have accrued at least 2,200 service credits (equivalent to 10 years of work) to make this claim.
  • You must claim a minimum of five (5) working days leave, unless you’ve permanently stopped working in the building and construction industry and this is your final claim.
  • Public holidays will be paid to you provided you’re on long service leave (paid by QLeave) on the working days immediately before and after the public holiday to receive the additional payment.
  • If you’re taking a period of leave that spans a financial year and you want full payment before the leave commences, the full amount will appear on your payment summary for the year in which it is paid. If you’re taking a period of leave that spans a financial year and you want to split the payment over the two financial years (and receive two separate payment summaries), you’ll need to submit two claims.
Leaving the industry
  • You must have permanently stopped working in the building and construction industry to make this claim.
  • You need a minimum of 1,155 service credits AND to have been in the scheme for seven or more years.
  • Your QLeave worker membership will be cancelled after the claim has been processed.
  • Reasons for ending employment:
    • Bona fide redundancy – the Australian Taxation Office has described this as:
      • the employee must have been dismissed from a job, not having left voluntarily
      • the employee must have been made redundant (where the employee’s particular work has ceased or tapered off or the workplace has been relocated) and
      • the dismissal must have been made before the employee has to retire (for example, before age 65, or before a set period of service).
    • Invalidity – when physical or mental incapacity stops an employee from continuing in their present line of work, forcing them to leave employment early (and in any event before age 65). Invalidity needs to be certified by two qualified medical practitioners.

Log in and start your claim


  1. Go to the online services log in page.
  2. Enter your email address and password and click Sign in.

QLeave online services log in screen

  1. If you don't know your password, click Forgot your password? and a verification code will be emailed to you. Once your email address is verified you can reset your password to log in.
  2. Click Make a claim from the menu.

    Screenshot of online services - click make a claim


Select the type of claim from drop down options and check contact details

  1. If you have more than one membership, check that the correct registration is selected. This page shows your long service leave balance in days. Please note: you must have at least 5 days available to you to make a claim unless you have stopped working in the industry.
  2. Select either: 
    1. Taking Leave for a 10 year long service leave claim (you need at least 2,200 service credits for this type of claim) OR
    2. Leaving the Industry. If you have permanently stopped working in the building and construction industry. You need a minimum of 1,155 service credits and to have been in the scheme for seven or more years to make this type of claim.
    3. Please note: if you make a leaving the industry claim, your QLeave membership will be cancelled. Further information on claim types and reasons for leaving the industry can be found in the more information section below.

  3. Check your contact details are correct and update them if needed. Click update my details, enter the correct details and then save changes.
  4. Click next to continue.

Enter your leave details


Please note: if you need to leave the form, click save & exit to make sure you don't lose your progress. You can log back into online services later and open the saved form where you see it listed under my recent forms.

  1. Your long service leave entitlement is shown in days. Please note: you must have at least five days available to make a claim unless you have stopped working in the industry.
  2. If you’re taking leave, enter the number of days leave you want to claim (you need to have at least five days available to make a claim). For leaving the industry claims, your total entitlement will be automatically entered in this field.
  3. Select the date you’d like your leave to start. Please note: your leave can’t start on a weekend or public holiday.
  4. Select the region you do most of your work in.
  5. If you’re a member of an interstate scheme you may be able to claim some, or all, of your leave from your interstate service balance. If you’d like to claim interstate service, select yes and then select the interstate scheme/s you want to claim against.
    Enter your membership number and your current leave balance (if known) for the relevant interstate scheme/s.
    Any interstate service used is calculated in accordance with the policies of those schemes. Details for interstate schemes can be found here
  6. Select your most recent employer from the list. If your most recent employeris not listed, select my most recent employment is not listed and search for your most recent employer by entering their name, ABN or QLeave ID. If you can’t find your employer using the search, you can enter their details manually.
  7. Enter the number of ordinary hours you work per week
  8. Enter your hourly rate of pay.
  9. If you’re currently receiving any allowances as part of your wage, select yes, and enter the amount you’re paid per week for the allowance/s you receive.
  10. Click next to continue.

Taxation and payment details


Enter your TFN and provide bank details for where you'd like the claim paid

  1. Enter your Tax File Number and select either Yes or No to claiming the tax-free threshold. If you have not supplied a tax file number, tax will be deducted at the top tax rate plus the medicare levy. Otherwise, the tax will be deducted in accordance with the Pay as You Go Withholding Tax Tables supplied by the Australian Tax Office taking into account the information supplied. You can find out more here.
    For more information on the tax-free threshold and what it means to you, contact the Australian Taxation Office.
  2. Claims are paid via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). Enter your BSB, bank name, account number and account name. 

    Please make sure that you’ve entered the correct payment details before proceeding. If any of the details you’ve provided are incorrect, your claim may be paid into the incorrect account and you may not receive your long service leave payment.
  3. Click next to continue.

Add supporting documentation and submit your claim


  1. You must attach proof of your rate of pay which could include a payslip or invoice. Acceptable forms of supporting documentation are explained at the beginning of this guide.
  2. Click next to continue.


  1. Complete the declaration to confirm the information you’ve provided is true and correct. Please note, penalties may apply for providing false or misleading information.
  2. To finalise your claim, click Submit.

Image showing the pop up to confirm that information is true and correct

  1. After you click submit, the above pop-up will appear asking you to confirm that your information is true and correct, and that you are taking leave and have not been paid for the leave.Click Confirm to submit your claim to QLeave.
  2. If amendments are required, click Cancel to return to the previous page and update your information.
  3. After you submit your claim you'll see a copy of the form we’ve received. Review the submission and if there’s anything you’d like to correct please contact us.
  4. You can check the status of your claim at any time by logging in to online services and viewing the claim form under my recent forms.When your claim has been approved the status will change from processing to completed.

Click here for a video guide to submitting your claim online.