Register a worker

Employers are required to advise QLeave as soon as possible when:

  • starting a new worker and
  • terminating a worker.

Eligible workers include tradespersons, trades assistants and labourers who perform building and construction work in Queensland and who are engaged in specific types of employment.  You will find a list of who and what is covered by the Scheme here.

What you need to do

As we continue to improve our online services, please be aware that you currently can't start or terminate a worker online.

If you need to do this now, email and we'll do it for you. In your email, please provide the worker's details and tell us if you'd like to start or terminate their service. If you're starting a new worker, you can also provide this information by completing a worker membership application form and emailing it to us.

Please allow up to 10 business days for processing.