Frequently asked questions

About the Scheme

What is QLeave?

QLeave provides a long service leave scheme for workers in Queensland’s contract cleaning industry. Our Scheme rewards you for your service to the industry by making sure you receive long service leave benefits, even if you change employers or work interstate.

Who is supposed to add service, me or my employer?

Your employer is required to add service to your QLeave record. We'll send you an annual long service leave statement. Please check this carefully to make sure we have a record of all the work you’ve performed.

Is long service leave similar to superannuation?

QLeave isn't a superannuation scheme. It's a long service leave scheme that provides benefits to a worker based on time worked in the industry rather than service to an individual employer.

For example, on reaching 10 years' service, workers are eligible to take 8.67 weeks paid leave.

Long service leave is a form of a salary payment during the normal course of a workers employment.

I've been working for my employer for 10 years or more. Does my employer have to pay my long service leave payment or do I make a claim to QLeave?

The portable long service leave scheme does not replace your employer’s obligations under the Industrial Relations Act 2016 (the Act) to pay your long service leave entitlement. If your employer has an obligation under that Act, they need to pay your entitlement. However, they may be able to claim a partial reimbursement from QLeave.

About your claim

How much will I be paid when I take long service leave?

The portable long service leave scheme operates on a pooled fund basis. The Scheme is funded by employers making a combined payment based on the wages they paid during each quarter.

QLeave invests these funds and pays long service leave benefits from the pool to workers when they reach their entitlement period.

There's no set dollar amount for long service leave payments. We calculate the payment amount as each worker lodges their claim.

When can I make a claim?

You need to have 10 years of service recorded with the QLeave before you're entitled to long service leave under the legislation. You may be able to make a claim earlier if you're permanently leaving the industry and have accrued 2,555 service credits or more.

What information will QLeave keep regarding a worker’s personal details?

Under the Contract Cleaning Industry (Portable Long Service Leave) Act 2005, we must keep a record of:

  • your name, date of birth and address
  • your mobile phone number
  • your email address
  • the number of days you've worked with each employer
  • the total ordinary wages paid to you
  • the date on which you became a registered worker in the Scheme
  • your long service leave entitlement.

What are service credits and how many can I earn?

One service credit equals one day worked. The total number of service credits that you may earn in any financial year is 365, irrespective of the number of employers you have. Each credit goes towards your QLeave record and determines your entitlement for portable long service leave.