Employer returns

You must provide details to QLeave about your workers’ service and wages on a quarterly basis. This is a legislative requirement and you can be penalised for not meeting your obligations. You can report your workers' service and wages to QLeave by completing an employer return.

The time worked and wages received are recorded against your worker's QLeave registration and counts towards their long service leave benefit. The return is a list of all eligible workers recorded by us as being employed by you or your company.

If you have additional workers that are eligible and don’t appear on the list, you'll need to add them.

Due dates

Return periods for submitting employer returns and paying the levy are:

  • 1 January to 31 March of each year (return and levy due 14 April)
  • 1 April to 30 June of each year (return and levy due 14 July)
  • 1 July to 30 September of each year (return and levy due 14 October)
  • 1 October to 31 December of each year (return and levy due 14 January)

How to complete your return

You can complete your return by logging in to the contract cleaning employer portal. Your return can be submitted to QLeave in two ways. If you want to give portal access to someone else within your business so that they can complete returns, you can do this online. Click here for instructions.

Steps to submit your employer return online

Steps to submit your employer return via spreadsheet

Avoid penalties

It's a legislative requirement to submit your employer return and levy payment by the due date each quarter. If you don't meet your obligations, you can be penalised up to $309.60. If your return and levy payment isn't submitted by the due date, we'll send you a reminder email explaining what you need to do to avoid a penalty. If you don't respond or complete your return within the given timeframe, penalties may then be applied.

Click here to read about penalties for not meeting your obligations.

Failure to lodge the return may result in QLeave commencing prosecution, without further notice to you. Prosecution may result in a conviction and fine for each worker not included on your return. You may also have to compensate QLeave for costs incurred due to legal action.

If any of your workers believe that service is missing from their record, they'll be advised to speak to you to have their service added. You can update their service by logging in and completing a return or by completing the form they provide you. If you refuse to do this, your workers can also submit a complaint to QLeave about you and we'll take appropriate action if necessary.