How portable long service leave works

The Community Services Industry (Portable Long Service Leave) Act 2020 (the Act) provides a fair and efficient system of portable long service leave for workers in Queensland's community services industry.

Under the Act, workers are entitled to long service leave payments based on their service to the industry, rather than continuous service with one employer.

QLeave is the statutory authority administering the portable long service leave scheme for workers and employers in the community services industry in Queensland.

A video welcoming employers to QLeave

How does it work?

As an employer, you must register with QLeave and submit quarterly employer returns. These returns detail the total of ordinary wages paid to your workers during the return period.

We record the time worked and wages received by each worker. This results in service credits accruing towards a worker's long service leave entitlement.

Workers can check their service record online at any time. If any service is missing, workers should contact their employer/s.

You’re an employer if:

  • your organisation is established to or has a purpose to provide community services
  • you are an individual who is self-employed and provides community services (registration optional)
  • you are an individual who is self-employed and you engage other workers to perform community services work (registration required)
  • you provide labour-hire services that supply an organisation with an individual to perform community services work
  • you are an entity prescribed by regulation to be an employer (An employer does not include the Commonwealth, State or Local Government).

How much does it cost?

There is no fee to register with QLeave. However, registered employers pay a levy based on the ordinary wages of their workers. The levy collected is invested, and the accumulated funds then pay the workers' long service leave claims.

Find out more about your employer obligations and how to register with QLeave.