The following data is required when adding a new worker or completing your quarterly returns.

Column heading/field nameMandatory?Data formatInstructionsNeeded to start worker/complete returns?
QLeave registration numberNoNumericalIf you're adding a worker with an existing QLeave registration,  you can enter their registration number when adding them online. Registration numbers are pre-filled on your quarterly returns. Click here for more information.N/A


This field is not mandatory. If entering a salutation, please select from the following: Mr, Mrs, Miss, Dr, Ms, Prof.

Start worker
First nameYesAlphabetEnter the worker's first name.Start worker
Middle namesNoAlphabetThis field is not mandatory, so please leave it blank if the worker doesn't have a middle name.Start worker
SurnameYesAlphabetEnter the worker's surname.Start worker
GenderYesAlphabetEnter the worker's gender, from the following type codes (bold): N (not provided), M (male), F (female) or O (other)Start worker
Date of birthYesdd/mm/yyyyEnter the worker's date of birth.Start worker
Work TypeYesAlphabet

Enter one of the following work type codes (bold):

  • FULL (full-time)
  • PART (part-time)
  • CAS (casual)
Start worker
Community Service TypeYesAppropriate codeEnter the community service type code that represents the type/s of community service provided. If you need to enter more than one community service type, separate the codes with a comma (e.g. ATSS, CES, MMSS). See the table below for the community service type codes.Start worker
Start dateYesdd/mm/yyyyEnter the date the worker became eligible for the scheme within your organisation.Start worker
MobileYesNumericalEnter the worker's mobile number.Start worker
PhoneNoNumericalEnter the worker's phone number. Start worker
EmailYes AlphanumericEnter the worker's email address.Start worker
Address Line 1YesAlphanumericEnter the worker's street addressStart worker
Address Line 2NoAlphanumeric

This field is not mandatory. Enter the second line of the worker's street address.

Start worker
Address Line 3NoAlphanumeric

This field is not mandatory. Enter the second line of the worker's street address.

Start worker
SuburbYesAlphanumericEnter the worker's suburb.Start worker
StateYesAlphabetEnter the state the worker lives (e.g. QLD)Start worker

Enter the worker's postcode.

Start worker
Gross ordinary wagesYesNumericalEnter the worker's gross ordinary wages for the quarter. Do not enter any symbols (e.g. '$') or use decimal places. Click here for more information about ordinary wages.Quarterly return
Annual rate of payYesNumerical

Enter the worker's hourly rate of pay (including all applicable amounts outlined under ordinary wages) x 38 hours x 52 weeks. Do not enter any symbols (e.g. ‘$’) or use decimal places.

Quarterly return
Termination dateNodd/mm/yyyyThis field is not mandatory. If a worker stopped working with you during the quarter, please enter their termination date when completing your quarterly return.Quarterly return

Community service types

CodeCommunity service typeCodeCommunity service type
ATSSAboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community servicesFCOCSFoster care and out-of-home care service
ASSAccommodation support servicesHCCSHome and community care services
ASAdvocacy servicesHSSHomelessness support services
ADSAlcohol and other drug servicesLGBTSLesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex services
CSSSChild safety and support servicesMHSMental health services
CDSCommunity development servicesMMSSMigrant and multicultural support service
CESCommunity education servicesOTSOffenders transitioning services
CLSCommunity legal servicesRSRespite services
CSCounselling servicesSCSSSeniors community support services
DERSDisability emergency response servicesSHSSocial housing services
DSSDisability support servicesVPSViolence prevention services
ESEmployment servicesWSWomen’s services
FDVSFamily and domestic violence servicesYJSYouth justice services
FDCSFamily day care servicesYSSYouth support services
FCSFinancial counselling services