The following data is required, for each of your workers, in your quarterly return spreadsheet. Click here to view the instructions for completing your spreadsheet and online return form.

ColumnColumn headingMandatory?Data formatInstructions
AWorker numberNo


This field should be populated if the worker has previously been registered with QLeave. Leave this field blank when completing your return for the first time, or registering a new worker. 

BFirst nameYesAlphabetEnter the worker's first name.
CMiddle nameNoAlphabetThis field is not mandatory, so please leave it blank if the worker doesn't have a middle name.
DLast nameYesAlphabetEnter the worker's last name.
EDate of birthYesdd/mm/yyyyEnter the worker's date of birth.
FAddressYesAlphanumericEnter the street number and street name on one line.
GSuburbYesAlphabetEnter the suburb name.
HPostcodeYesNumericalEnter the 4-digit postcode.
IMobile YesNumericalEnter the worker's 10-digit mobile number starting with 04. Do not leave any spaces.
JEmailYesAlphanumericEnter the worker's email address.
KStart dateYes (for new workers only)dd/mm/yyyyEnter the date the worker became eligible for the scheme within your organisation. For your first return, this will be 1 January 2021 for continuing workers or a date after this if they started working for your organisation after 1 January 2021.
LTermination dateNo dd/mm/yyyyEnter the date the worker was terminated during the quarter (or the date the worker was no longer performing eligible work). The date entered must be within the return period.
MGross ordinary wagesYesNumericalEnter the amount the worker earned for their ordinary hours of work during the return period. This includes over-award payments, shift loadings, penalty rates and allowances. It does not include overtime payments. Do not enter any symbols (e.g. ‘$’) or use decimal places. Click here for more information about calculating ordinary wages.
NIndustrial instrument typeYesAlphanumeric

Enter one of the following types:

  • Award
  • Agreement
  • Employment contract
OIndustrial award nameNoAlphanumericOnly required if "Award" is selected as the industrial instrument type. Enter the name of the award.
PAward classificationNoAlphanumericOnly required if "Award" was selected as the Industrial instrument type (e.g. Level 4—pay point 4 to be entered as 4.4)
QAgreement NameNoAlphanumericOnly required if "Agreement" was selected as the industrial instrument type.
RWork typeYesAlphanumeric

Enter one of the following types:

  • Full time
  • Part time
  • Casual
SAnnual rate of payYesNumericalEnter the worker's hourly rate of pay (including all applicable amounts outlined under ordinary wages) x 38 hours x 52 weeks. Do not enter any symbols (e.g. ‘$’) or use decimal places.
TCommunity service typeYesAppropriate codeEnter the numbers that represent the type/s of community service provided. If you need to enter more than one community service type, separate the codes with a comma (e.g. 5, 16, 29). See the table below for the community service type codes.

Community service types

CodeCommunity service typeCodeCommunity service type
1Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community services16Foster care and out-of-home care service
2Accommodation support services17Home and community care services
3Advocacy services18Homelessness support services
4Alcohol and other drug services19Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex services
5Child safety and support services20Mental health services
6Community development services21Migrant and multicultural support service
7Community education services22Offenders transitioning services
8Community legal services23Respite services
9Counselling services24Seniors community support services
10Disability emergency response services25Social housing services
11Disability support services26Violence prevention services
12Employment services27Women’s services
13Family and domestic violence services28Youth justice services
14Family day care services29Youth support services
15Financial counselling services