How portable long service works

The Building and Construction Industry (Portable Long Service Leave) Act 1991 (the Act) ensures the provision of paid leave to workers for service to the building and construction industry.

Under the Act, workers are entitled to long service leave payments regardless of whether they work on different projects for one or more employers. Workers are paid leave in recognition of their continuous service to the industry.

QLeave is the authority that administers the portable long service leave scheme for Queensland's building and construction industry.

Employers and workers in this industry are required to be registered with QLeave. Click here to find out who and what is covered. 

How is it funded?

The Scheme is funded by a levy imposed on the total cost, whether direct or indirect, of building and construction work in Queensland costing $150,000 or more (excluding GST). The levy is paid in conjunction with the Building and Construction Work Health and Safety (Queensland) levy and the Construction Skills Queensland levy.

You can read more about the levy here.