Steps to submit your worker service return

Click here to see the steps in an easy to follow video guide.

Log in

  1. Go to the Employer log in page.
  2. Enter your username (QLeave employer number) and password and click Log in.Employer log in screen
  3. If you have forgotten your password, click Reset password and a temporary password will be emailed to you.
  4. Click on Annual Worker Service Return from the menu.Employer home page

Enter your workers' service details

Annual Worker Service Return

  1. Select the financial year from the drop-down box. A list of workers who you have registered with QLeave will be shown.
  2. Check the worker's address. Click on the address to make changes to this field.
  3. Check the Work Classification (click here for a list of worker codes), Worker Type and Full Time/Part Time fields (see more information below). If a worker is Part Time, enter the number of days worked in the Part Time Days field. Please note: add ‘0’ (zero) service days to keep a casual worker on your future returns.
  4. If you stopped employing the worker before the end of the financial year (30 June), enter the date they were terminated in the Termination Date field.
  5. Check the Ready to Submit box at the end of each line when the worker details are correct and complete. Please note: Ready to Submit does not mean the details have been submitted to QLeave.
  6. To add a new worker, click the Start Worker button at the top of the page and enter their details in the pop-up box. Complete steps 3 to 6 for any workers you need to add to your return.
  7. You can save your return at any by clicking the Save button at the top or bottom of the screen. Please note: saving your return does not submit the details to QLeave. If you have more than one page to complete, make sure you have saved the current page before continuing to the next page.
  8. Once you have finalised your workers' details, and have selected them as ready to submit to QLeave, click the Submit button at the top or bottom of the screen. Please note: You are able to submit even though you may have only completed information for some of the workers so far. You will be able to complete the information for any remaining workers at a later time before the due date.
  9. Click the Refresh button to see updated information. Please note: the surname, first name, and worker number search fields must be blank to perform a refresh.
  10. Click the View Report button to see a list of completed and outstanding reports for the selected financial year. Click the Print button to print the report. Please note: workers who are listed on the report with a status of ‘Outstanding’ have not yet been submitted to QLeave by you.

More information about your return


Full time:

  • five (5) days per week (between the start and finish dates in the relevant financial year)
  • 220 days (or more) per year
  • part time or casual
  • not inclusive of overtime.


Part time is:

  • less than five (5) days per week (between the start and finish dates)
  • an eligible subcontractor (count the total number of hours worked and divide by 7.6 hours to calculate the number of days service).


Termination date is:

  • formatted in dd/mm/yyyy (for example 12/04/2019 for 12 April 2019)
  • the date you stopped engaging the work
  • the date the worker stopped performing eligible building and construction work in Queensland (if they are still engaged by you, but not performing work that is eligible for QLeave).


Search for an individual worker by entering a surname, first name or worker number (or a combination of these).


Click the Outstanding button to see a list of workers that need information to be submitted to QLeave.


Click the Completed button to see a list of workers you have already submitted to QLeave.

Please leave this field blank if the worker was still employed by you, and doing eligible building and construction work in Queensland, on 30 June.


To add a new worker to your return, click the Start Worker button.


Click on the column heading to sort your list of workers by worker number or worker surname.


If you have more than 50 workers, your return will include multiple pages. Use the page numbers at the bottom of the screen to change pages. Please note: make sure you select Save or submit any completed workers on the current page before moving on to the next page.

Example of multiple pages in worker service return