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Annual Long Service Leave Statement

We provide a Long Service Leave Statement to all registered workers.

The statement shows:

  1. your work recorded for the previous financial year
  2. the number of service credits you have earned toward your long service leave entitlement.

Note, you can accrue a maximum of 220 days (service credits) per financial year. One service credit equals one day worked.

Checking your statement

Please check your statement carefully to make sure your work is recorded correctly. If there are any errors or you’re missing service, please contact your employer/s and advise them to supply the amended details to QLeave.

The easiest way to check your statement is online. Log in to worker online services to do this at any time.

To find out how to view your long service leave statement online, please read the guide.

If you choose not to receive your statement online, you’ll instead receive it by mail.You’ll receive an orange statement if you’re able to make a claim, or a blue statement if you’re not yet eligible to make a claim.

Orange statement Blue statement

How to make a claim

Once you’ve recorded enough service to take long service leave, you can claim online. Making a claim is not compulsory, so if you’re still working in the industry you can continue growing your entitlement and make a claim in the future.

More information on long service leave claims is available here.